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National Museum of the United States Army, NMUSA, Visitor App

Working together, the National Museum United Army (NMUSA) and The Army Distributed Learning Program (TADLP) Mobile Division team produced the NMUSA app, enhancing the visitor experience for Soldiers and veterans, it is also informative, entertaining and insightful for families, civilians and foreign visitors.

The app engages audiences with both the museum collection and the organization that created it, offering a range of interactive features to enhance the visitors experience. Added tools specifically created for children’s tours bring exciting and educational information. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a frequent museum-goer, the app has something for everyone.

Download the NMUSA mobile app today and start exploring!

The NMUSA mobile app is available for Android and Apple devices.

Army audiobooks on the CAR


Mobile Publications Division develops hardcopy books into smart, professionally edited and read audiobooks that Soldiers can take anywhere, available on their personal smartphones and tablets. Historically, doctrine has been published in books and softcover manuals. By adopting the new audiobook medium, it’s yet another way Army learning is modernizing. In the last decade, mainstream publishers and studios have found a figurative gold mine in audio fiction. In 2019 The Audio Publishers Association released figures showing that more people are listening to audiobooks regardless of demographic. Retailers like Audible have been developing their own original content to take advantage of the trend. The US Army audiobooks also provide the primary thing that made the audiobook marketplace explode: convenience.

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Army Quartermater Virtual Learning Environment


The Quartermaster School’s Petroleum and Water Department is leading the Army’s move toward an active learning environment through leveraging the Army Virtual Learning Environment (AVLE) contract vehicle for fuel, water, and laboratory specialists. Training is being enabled through the use of Digital Training Enablers (DTEs) and Virtual Reality (VR) content designed, developed, tested and fielded by the Army University Vice Provost of Digital Education (VPDE). Instruction/facilitation is supported through the use of classroom technology being tested, purchased, installed and sustained by the Army University Enterprise Classroom Program (ECP). Documented benefits include cost savings through reduced instructor contact time and equipment usage; more efficient and effective use of instruction time through small group facilitation; and a continual learning capability that increases proficiency and readiness of all Army components.

Petroleum and Water Department Video

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The Army’s New Mobile Connect App Now Provides Soldiers with Fast, Secure Log-ins to EAMS-A

Mobility is increasingly important to Soldiers, and smartphone access to Army sites is key to providing mobility and flexibility. The Mobile Connect provides users speed and accessibility without the need to be on the NIPR network - making it ideal for personnel without access to a CAC enabled device. Released in 2021 the Army Mobile Connect app provides fast, secure log-ins to EAMS-A using any personal mobile device. Mobile Connect works anywhere, either with or without internet connectivity and includes many features Soldiers find convenient and useful.

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The Mosul Study Group Interactive Publication “What The Battle for Mosul Teaches the Force”

After a brutal nine-month campaign to liberate Mosul from the Islamic State, Iraqi security forces (ISF) retook Iraq’s second largest city. This battle was the largest conventional land battle since the capture of Baghdad by coalition forces in 2003 and the first sustained urban operation involving U.S. forces since the 1968 Battle of Hue. The purpose of this piece is to provide immediate impressions of Operation EAGLE STRIKE that may or should directly impact the Army and how it approaches future conflicts in an engaging format for students in order to better prepare them for future combat operations.

Access the Interactive Publication here (CAC Enabled):

3d Visualizer App

3D Weapons Visualizer Application

The Army's 3D Visualizer is a multi-platform program that allows Soldiers to interact with 3D models to learn how to perform a variety of tasks (e.g., weapon assembly, disassembly, and function check). The program also has a free-play capability that provides an interactive 360-degree view of the 3D model, including pan, tilt, zoom, and x-ray functionality. The 3D Visualizer was developed in the Unity game engine, enabling a single code base to be published in multiple formats without the need for any plug-ins. The application supports 3D models for a variety of equipment and allows for customization of the menus to train additional procedures.

3d Visualizer Demonstration Video