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Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs), are centrally location facilities set up during natural or man-made disasters or emergencies from which local governments can provide interagency coordination and executive decision making in support of incident response and recovery operations. EOCs are set up at the National. state and local level to facilitate and coordinate rapid detection and response to public health and safety emergencies. Communication is key. The Army Distributed Learning Program (TADLP), was selected to collaborate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s International Emergency Preparedness Team in the U.S. Department of State’s Biosecurity Engagement Program, the U.S. Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear School, as well as the Iraqi Ministry of Health to create an adaptable EOC training tool designed for ease of use, operates on multiple digital platforms and includes a language translation feature.

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TADLP Mobile Publications Division develops hardcopy books into smart, professionally edited and read audiobooks that Soldiers can take anywhere, available on their personal smartphones and tablets.

Historically, doctrine has been published in books and softcover manuals. By adopting the new audiobook medium, it’s yet another way Army learning is modernizing. In the last decade, mainstream publishers and studios have found a figurative gold mine in audio fiction. In 2019 The Audio Publishers Association released figures showing that more people are listening to audiobooks regardless of demographic. Retailers like Audible have been developing their own original content to take advantage of the trend. The US Army audiobooks also provide the primary thing that made the audiobook marketplace explode: convenience.

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U.S. Army leaders say the next war will be fought in mega-cities, and in response to such a prospect the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) based at Fort Meade, Maryland, have revised and updated their training materials to help Soldiers fight and win specifically subterranean environments. In 2018 the Army launched an accelerated effort, allocating more than $572 million into equipping and training 26 of its 31 active combat brigades to fight in large-scale subterranean facilities that exist beneath dense urban areas around the world. For this new type of warfare, infantry units will need to know how to effectively navigate, communicate, breach heavy obstacles and attack an enemy in underground mazes ranging from confined corridors to tunnels as wide as residential streets. Soldiers are being trained to cope with and operate in conditions such as complete darkness, bad air and lack of cover from enemy fire in areas that challenge standard Army communications equipment. The TADLP Mobile Publishing Division has worked with subject matter experts at the AWG to create a reference guide that is succinct, well written, filled with visual aids and illustrations that give Soldiers clear and easy access to information to prepare them for operations in a subterranean environment with all it‘s complexities.

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3D Visualizer App

The Army's 3D Visualizer is a multi-platform program that allows Soldiers to interact with 3D models to learn how to perform a variety of tasks (e.g., weapon assembly, disassembly, and function check). The program also has a free-play capability that provides an interactive 360-degree view of the 3D model, including pan, tilt, zoom, and x-ray functionality. The 3D Visualizer was developed in the Unity game engine, enabling a single code base to be published in multiple formats without the need for any plug-ins. The application supports 3D models for a variety of equipment and allows for customization of the menus to train additional procedures.

3d Visualizer Demonstration Video