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Ready to get started? This is the place to get answers to your questions and review requirements for creating, integrating and submitting content in collaboration with The Army Distributed Learning Program (TADLP). Below you will find a comprehensive index of detailed instruction and guidance on content development. Documents are tailored to specific needs and are housed on the Central Army Registry (CAR). Each section offers a wealth of resources and information on regulations, workflow, documentation and requirements. Headings below are hyperlinks on mouseover.


Army distributed learning follows a series of technical standards and specifications throughout the design, development, and implementation process. Army guidance as presented in TRADOC Regulation 350-70 and associated pamphlets. Links to current versions of this guidance is found in REFERENCES in this website. This guidance is part of the Army’s centralized contract and are presented here for a quick reference check by process.                                                                

  • All DL development must follow the Army Business Rules & Best Practices V2: ARMY BRBP_Ver 2.0_01NOV2021

DL products are accepted in accordance with the Army Acceptance Criteria:

  • ACTS-1.0.8
  • Army Acceptance Criteria for Distributed Learning (DL) Products Version 2.0 - 21 January 2022
  • Content Communication Trace Log Parser

The following are stand-alone products to assist in DL development:

  • ALMS Developer Guidance
  • Army Distributed Learning Metrics Incident Code Determination Tool
  • Content Test Environment (CTE) Testing Guide for Army DL Developers
  • DDL IMI Authoring Publishing Tools Guide v5 dated 11 June 2021
  • DL Assessment Security and Online Proctoring


Alerts provide latest guidance from TADLP on emerging software requirements for DL products, including software updates and updated standards:

  • Technical Alert 22-001_CCTL
  • Technical Alert 22-002 No Internal Certificates in ALMS Courseware
  • Technical Alert 22-003 Army SCORM 2004 3rd Edition Conformance
  • Test Suite User Guide (ACTS)
  • Technical Alert 21-001 Windows 11
  • Technical Alert 21-002 Impact of Synchronous XMLHttpRequest

contact information

Please Note: This is not the contact number for elearning students, but for TADLP developers.

Students should contact the The Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) for help with DL courseware by using the ATHD icon below.

U.S. Army Combined Arms Center,
The Army University
ATTN: The Army Distributed Learning Program
Building 2112, Pershing Avenue
Fort Eustis, VA 23604-5166
Email: usarmy.jble.tradoc.mbx.au-tadlp@mail.mil

TADLP Office Telephone:
CIV. 757 878-4516
DSN 826-4516

Proponent in-house development teams can use the Courseware Assistance Request Support (CARS) system for assistance.

Electronic delivery is available to DL Developers for submission of group trials and functional test files as well as final “gold” copy deliverables using D.E.A.R.