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The Office of the Vice Provost for Digital Education (VPDE) Mobile Division (VPDE MOB DIV) provides centralized management and governance for the Army's mobile learning initiatives, apps standards and authoritative source content. VPDE’s Mobile Division manages requirements for mobile publications (mPubs), audiobooks and interactive learning platforms, and is the authorized office for mobile issues regarding training and education throughout the Army. The division is composed of two sections: Mobile Publishing and Mobile Applications.

The Mobile Division arm of VPDE...

Serves as TRADOC Lead providing direction, solving complex issues and providing guidance regarding implementation of Mobile Learning initiatives.

Is the TRADOC Lead for its interactive Mobile Publications (mPubs), and developing Mobile Learning applications.

Conducts Mobile Learning Government technical acceptance testing for mPubs, executing rapid mobile App contracts in support of proponents.

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Do you want to create an app, mobile publication, audiobook or online learning tool but are unsure where to begin? The VPDE Mobile Division creates highly dynamic learning content accessible via mobile devices that allow Soldiers, leaders and Army civilians the ability to learn faster, more efficiently and adapt more quickly to the challenges they face in today’s fast-paced, increasingly digitally driven world.

The Mobile Division applies the ADDIE principles (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) of adult learning sing the five phases of the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model to support proponents and clients during the development process;

Whether you elect to have your mobile project created by our in-house team or one of our many authorized contractors, VPDE is with you every step of the way.

Starting off on the right foot means planning for mobile products with careful consideration for all the steps in the design and development process. To assist you we’ve outlined these steps here.

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The Mobile Division develops an array of digital learning tools including (but not limited to) smartphone applications (apps), and the award-winning Application Development Team at VPDE is capable of bringing even the most sophisticated and versatile apps to completion for Army proponents. The request/development process is straight-forward and inclusive.

Visit the Mobile Application Page for more information, and click on the MOB DIV Product Showcase link to review the many examples developed for proponents - like you - across the Army.

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VPDE’s Mobile Division’s Publications Team develops an array of interactive digital learning tools including (but not limited to) audiobooks and mobile publications(mPubs) and educational materials that embrace modern trends of instruction using illustrated diagrams, infographics, interactive multimedia, and maps. Materials that enlighten and entertain - that help Soldiers to quickly grasp and retain instructional and training content. These materials are truly mobile, allowing Soldiers to learn from anywhere - including in the field and downrange - designed to function seamlessly across multiple platforms, from broad cinema screens to the confines of the latest smartphone screen.

Visit the Mobile Publishing Page for more information on the unique benefits of Mobile Publishing, and click on the MOB DIV Product Showcase link to review examples of the wide array of mobile Publishing options developed for Instructors and Soldier-students.